Mile High Haunts

Pros: Fun, entertaining start to 13th Door. lots to look at all around!

Cons: We really wish there were a few more actors in Slaughterhouse

Notes: A short elevator ride, and a warm welcome to an old hotel boasting an intricate backstory, including the always fun "spirits still roaming the halls," we landed ourselves deep inside the 13th door. Counting door after door....details and timely scares were definitely not lacking here. One thing we really liked was a chain link maze towards the end, just when you think you know the way, the tables have turned and they've got a surprise for you! Throughout the 2nd haunt, Slaughterhouse Gulch, you'll encounter all the classic horror characters and a few interesting takes on the characters we are all too familiar with. One of our only complaints for these haunts, more actors! Don't forget to check out the crazy long vortex and the singing jack o' lanterns while you're waiting in line, or between haunts.

First Impression
Scare Factor

13TH Door/Slaughterhouse Gulch