Mile High Haunts

First Impression
Scare Factor


Pros: Very detailed scenes, Acting on point, All effect in working order

Cons: Group spacing was a bit off in between the two haunts

Notes: We were quite excited as the possession began it felt as if we were blindfolded and dragged to a remote farm house overrun by an army of familiar looking black haired, white dressed girls. Actresses throughout the possession where top notch, a few in particular kept the theme in perfect shape.Characters were quick on their feet to personalize the experience. High, Low, and everywhere in between a scare was provided with impeccable timing just about room. Sensory twists are always a favorite to keep patrons on edge, nearing the end of the haunt, 13th uses this to their advantage you may just get your seas legs back to only have you scrambling soon after

13TH Floor/ Undead: The Possession