Mile High Haunts


~ incredible detail

~ Lots to look at

~ Excellent makeup


~ Actors were spread a bit thin, we wouldve liked to see a few more loitering in the streets and the beginning of the haunt


We couldn't step more than 5 feet onto the property before we were greeted by a Scaley Manfish they call "Master Baitman" who had plenty to share with us us! Baitman is one of our favorite characters with dialogue for days and personalizes every encounter. Once we finally were able to make our way into the haunt our senses immediately began to deceive us. These guys know how to capture all 5 senses and do it well! As you venture through the underbelly of this demented city you'll find an extreme attention to detail no other haunt can compare to! Everything in this haunt matches perfectly, you can really see how much time and effort has gone into this Masterpiece. With perfectly executed scenes and a slue of special effects you're sure to lose yourself in this outlet of hell!

      If you are brave enough to survive the city you'll find yourself lining up for another heart pounding adventure into the Curse of darkness. As you stumble through the Darkness you're sure to find new challenges and a very different approach to making your way through a haunt. Incredible detail is retained throughout this show as well, though it might be dark be sure to have a look around in here as well!

      After exiting the haunt you will be dropped into the Carnival of Carnage. There are games ranging from The Head Toss,  to The Zombie Paintball Shooting Gallery, Skee 
Ball and much more! Bang for your buck is a term that might not be enough to sum up this wild attraction! 

City Of The Dead

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Scare Factor