City Of The Dead 2017

Mile High Haunts

First Impression
Scare Factor  20
Length  20
SPFX/ Scenes  20
Actors  19
Overall  99%


~ Crazy chainsaw duo

~ Incredible, extremely detailed and updated sets that are very realistic. Awesome changes this year have completely put this city over the edge!

~ BEER!....and other after show entertainment.


~ A few unenthusiastic growling actors.


     The City has made changes this year and they are incredible! The waiting area is more detailed than the inside of some other haunts! A crazy amount of time and energy was put into making you feel like you're actually stumbling through a post apocalyptic city with all 5 senses captured perfectly!

      One of our favorite parts was an all new house scene with a built up staircase and a crawlspace you actually have to crawl through. So much attention put into the smallest details here high and low. Every single room here had its place and was matched with detail you will not find anywhere else in Colorado! 

     Upon escaping the initial Haunt appropriately coined "Dead Rising" you're met with a short wait before the The Vampires from Curse Of Darkness usher you into their all new exhibit "Dark Souls". Absolutely no shortage of Darkness in here you'll be disoriented and thrown into the most realistic of funeral parlors, through the chapel, and out an incredible cemetery with perfectly costumed characters awaiting your arrival.

     The makeup throughout both haunts is incredible, you wont find anything close to a Spirit Halloween mask anywhere near the City Of The Dead. The intensity is heard and felt from this pack of rabid beasts before you enter this madhouse, to much after you've left! Two thumbs WAAAAY up!