Mile High Haunts

First Impression
Scare Factor

Pros: Colorado's best side show and plenty of games to keep you busy while waiting to enter the haunts. Awesome new take on "waiting in line"

Cons: Haunts could be a bit longer

Notes: Greeted by heckling circus freaks we felt as if we had stepped right in to a carnival with more than just a few screws loose. Looking past the twisted games in the background a stage boasting the true freaks walking on glass and swallowing the unthinkable keeps guests gruesomely entertained. A quick buzz from a text message lets you know it's your time to experience the horror inside the haunted houses, way better than waiting in a boring line! Definitely no lack of darkness and terror as you enter the "Dark Mine", menaced by ghostly actors and perfectly executed effects some high dollar haunts can't even pull off correctly. Winding through the Grizzly Lodge Actors plead for you to kick your feet up, grab some grub, and stay a while! One chef in particular will have you squirming after you encounter her unidentified flying flesh, maybe a little blood, and you might just need a friends shirt to clean your face. As you continue shrieking out the developed walls of the lodge a gravedigger type character has one last surprise for unsuspecting air suckers. Though we wish the actual haunts were just a bit longer, Colorado Fear Fest will have you entertained for hours!

Colorado Fear Fest