Mile High Haunts

First Impression
Scare Factor
SPFX/ Scenes


~ Some very unique scenes

~ Creepy natural atmosphere


~ Actors were uninterested and quite a few broke character

~ Many props could use detailing and a "personal touch"  rather than being straight from the local Halloween store

Notes :

Creepy Walk In The Wood no doubt lives up to its name! As we got onto the property we couldn't make it more than a few steps out of the car without being greeted by monsters, chomping at the bit to have us for dinner.

      As we wind through the maze of trees and shacks the woods let off a near perfect natural atmosphere for a creepy walk. Effects worked perfectly to fit the scenes, one in particular was a tree maze with laser lights throughout creating a rather trippy effect. Props littered about were straight off the shelf and could have added a immense amount of creep with just a bit of effort.

     The actors at Creepy Walk are all volunteer, many Boyscouts and their parents. We applaud them for this, however, kids will be kids sometimes. While trying to take in all the details we noticed a young actor cramming his face with pizza, we shared in a quick laugh with this famished zombie and suggested him some brains for dessert. With a bit of coaching and a few experienced actors sprinkled in these ghouls could bring this creep show to the next level! Your stay in the woods is ended rather abruptly with a zombie takeover which just left us wanting more!

            This Unique Walk Captures many patrons natural fears of wandering through dark woods, and don't think your friends can help, you'll very likely be separated multiple times. Well worth the short drive from Denver and absolutely no excuse if you are from northern Colorado this experience is one for the books!

Creepy Walk In The Woods