Mile High Haunts

Fright In Falcon

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~ We absolutely loved the story and the time and thought put into it!

~ Very original ideas pulled off well

~ Every monster had a reason they couldn't get to you instead of just stopping when they got close to the patrons.


~ Yes, it is short...but the bang for your buck is all there this haunt is cheap at only $13 for ages 12+ and $7 for under 12.

~ Scenes are missing detail and feel a little blank which is to be expected from a first year haunt.


       Fright In Falcon has made the much needed jump to a commercial attraction this year as they were outgrowing their Home haunt of the past 10 years. Just a few miles outside of Colorado springs this place seems just far enough into the country to where you'd truly expect a containment facility to be located. 

        Welcome to Eastonville research and containment facility or ERCF as we'll call it, a state of the art facility with elite staff. The safety of the visitors is absolutely assured, NOTHING could go wrong! Welcomed by the receptionist we are shown some of the subjects the facility is very proud of and rushed along to get out before they escape!

  Somewhere in the middle we were met with a maze that looked simple, it was anything but! Consistently terrorized by various sizes of subjects from the facility (possibly escapees) we spent a good amount of time in here... it looked way easier than it was!

     As we are lead through other wings of the facility it is made apparent that something is wrong and the military is there to help. Gunfire and chaos ensues as the staff tried to have us calmly escape but we were right in the middle of the action! Nobody is safe here and these monsters are vicious!