Mile High Haunts

First Impression


Scare Factor   18
Scenes/ SPFX  18
Length  19
Actors   18
Overall  92%

Ghoul's Gulch/ Sanitarium 3D


~ Awesome reptiles and oddities sideshow

~ super fun Tesla coil out front! 

~ Actors were very engaging and quick to pick up group names and find our "weaknesses"


~light and sound bleed between rooms, it would've been nice to see any type of ceiling so that when you look up you don't feel like you're in the supermarket. But we know fire code doesn't make this easy.

          Entering the haunt you are met at the front door by a very shocking surprise, a huge Tesla coil! Zapping away to the beat of familiar songs this thing offered quite the first impression! They even let us play with it a bit and we felt the jolt of hundreds of thousand of volts through a fluorescent bulb (check our Facebook page for a sweet video!)  
          First we ventured through Ghouls Gulch a series of highly detailed rooms from a forest with spot on animatronics and a very uneasy bridge, to a nicely detailed house scene which all flowed very well. 
          Next we entered sanitarium 3D, and it is exactly that! Once disinfected you're ushered through a facility with perfectly executed 3D effects. From pumpkins and mushrooms to bubbles everything is in your face awesome! The doctor is actively working on patients as you scurry through his scenes that aren't for the faint of heart. Actors throughout were so convincing even the actor at the end that had to retrieve your 3D glasses back seemed as he was still stuck in the sanitarium 
          Lastly we toured the oddities and reptile show, from a Caiman Crocodile to scorpions, skulls, and antique embalming equipment this may just send you over the edge if you're afraid of the creepy crawlies.
          This is the haunts last year so you'll have to catch this one before it's too late! We will sure miss visiting here!