~ Natural ambiance is incredible

​~ Most actors were extremely creative

~ Zombie paintball was a blast


~ Scenes were lacking detail

~ Some actors needed more costuming


Nestled off Riverdale road, filled with tons of it's own urban legends, the location of this haunt couldn't be creepier. The midway is full of plenty of fun and games as well as a good amount of terror. Even before you enter you're interrupted with the frolicking of chainsaw wielding creatures and their victims. This is just a glimpse of the 100+ insane monsters waiting for you to enter one of the 3 attractions!
      Seconds into the haunt the front door slams behind you and you're faced with darkness! Scampering your way forward you're met with creatures straight out of your nightmares. Jumping between shacks we traveled through fields of corn that are nowhere near dull. The scenes in these shacks however lacked detail and special effects. The actors did their best to make up for this however and grabbed the center of attention nicely.

      Next we entered the zombie paintball apocalypse. After a quick briefing the sergeant threw his newest recruits right into battle! zombies came from absolutely everywhere! Dumpsters, semis, and barrels were nesting ground for the undead before they got a wiff of air suckers and flung themselves towards us. Once again we couldn't help but shower these rabid beats with paint and ran out of ammo quickly!

      As we entered the final leg of our journey in this haunted field we knew we were in for a treat! The Dead Man's Night Maze did not disappoint! The maze claims no search party will be sent for you...and they are NOT kidding, although there are plenty of creatures awaiting your arrival. We befriended plenty of monsters in here, they were entertaining and could pick up on the smallest hints taunting us for what seemed like a lifetime! If you make it through the few rooms scattered around the field you aren't quite done yet! We somehow made it out all in one piece!


Haunted Field Of Screams

Mile High Haunts

First Impressions
Scare Factor 19
Length 20
SPFXZ/Scenes 16
Actors 17
 Overall 92%