Mile High Haunts

First Impression
Scare Factor   16

Scenes/ SPFX

Length  18
Actors  16
Overall  87%


~ Who doesn't love shooting Zombies!

~ Great actors in Dead Mans Maze

~ No Shortage of natural ambiance here!


~ We would've liked to see a little less blank space between every room in The Haunted Field Of Screams, or at least a few more actors in the corn. it was a long, boring haul between rooms.

~ Our con with just about every Zombie Paintball is that we  are trigger happy and just want more balls!

Have you ever heard of Hell's Gates or the haunted stories of Riverdale road? Well this place is right on top of it. A huge corn field filled to the brim with three attractions. First, you have the haunted house itself. Possibly the first time black walls work for the theme. In and out of out buildings, into corn and then back inside to constructed scenes that take you through rooms that vary from asylum outbreaks to clowns, zombies, darkness, chainsaws. It's a trip getting through this one. Once you make your way out of the haunted house you're back in the main area where you can enjoy food and beverage for any age. You can decide to move onto a haunted maze or onto zombie paintball.
        The maze is expertly crafted and ran. It's disorienting to begin with, even the first room proves difficult to escape. After you un-tie your brain on that one you are pushed out into the maze itself. For awhile it might seem like it's easy to pick a direction, however, the deeper you go the more lost you can become. Not to mention the demons that inhabit this place, they don't want you to leave, so they make it as hard as possible to find the right way. In the dark you'd swear that you had already seen this column, already taken this turn....maybe you did. Making it to the second room was it's own challenge, but getting through it can be even trickier, pitch black, full of walls, and again demons that don't want you to leave. You're past half way now but you're back in the endless corn with only moonlight to guide you. Winding your way around you are again faced with monsters who trick and deceive you. A few stumbles and curves aside you can see the final room, a clown haven. Some of the most vibrant colors and costumes you've ever seen, clowns messing with you, splitting up your group, being too close for comfort. Surely if you make it past this last room you have accomplished your goal, you have defeated this maze. Wrong, you still have some corn left to sort through. Once back in the main area you can again refresh yourself at the concession stands and regroup. Now onward to the zombie paintball.
       To begin this part of our journey there is a slight walk through some more corn, just in case you haven't had enough. You will be hazed by creatures you cannot see as you pass, not even to the front door yet. When you enter you need to go through training, please for your sake take this serious, it could really help you out in the battle zone. After that you are briefed on your mission and you climb aboard. You're mounted on a trailer, sat in front of your gun, and told to eliminate every zombie you see. Easy enough, sure, yeah, good luck with that. Pulled room by room some of the shots can be a little tricky. At the end of the ride you are told to dismount the hell wagon and move along the trail back to safety. Again, good luck with that. Finally, after you've had the daylights scared out of you, stumbled your way around in the dark and fought your way through, you're done. 
This is truly fun for the whole family, as long as your family likes being scared. If you're in the northern part of Denver or feeling like making a trip this place is absolutely worth checking out. 

Haunted Field Of Screams