Mile High Haunts

First Impression
Scare Factor
SPFX/ Scenes


~ Incredible natural ambiance

~ Creative actors mixing up scares from every angle

~ We always love a chance to shoot some zombies!


~ Minimal detail in scenes

~ a few cheaper masks but makeups we did see were awesome!


   Though this mega-haunt has moved they are still just a stones throw away from one of the most talked about and "haunted" roads in Colorado. We know you've heard about it Riverdale Road is not one for the weary. Old wives tales here of a mass murder beyond the gates of hell date as far back as the 1800's. This sets the stage for an epic haunted attraction!

     As you enter this monstrocity there is no shortage of the dead lurking about and the hint of a chainsaw terrorizing onlookers. now the question is what will you enter first? As dusk sets and screams begin to pour out you are faced with 3 attractions.

     first we had to see what the Haunted Field Of Screams was all about and it sure lives up to the name! There is no shortage of menacing characters hidden among the corn. Jumping from shack to shack victims are attacked from all angles, the actors here know their space well so watch out! unfortunately minimal detail is put into the scenes but none the less the natural ambiance here is unreal!

     Next up is the dead mans maze, Immediately toss your equilibrium and prepare for the worst! Though the residence here are few and far between you'll feel their presence around every corner. Here they claim no search party will be sent for you, and they aren't kidding!

     finally the survivors are sent to the zombie patrol outpost and  trained to use a mounted, semi-automatic paintball gun to fight for mankind, and whats more fun than that?!

     Overall the Haunted field of screams is an awesome attraction by day with Maze In The City and a terrorizing Hauntplex at night you don't want to miss! The corn is tall and thick this year, don't get lost or you may be become their newest prop!

Haunted Field Of Screams 2017