Mile High Haunts

Haunted Mines


~Awesome realistic mine elevators take you to a whole new world

~ The actors that were on their game could not be stopped and were phenomenal!


~ A few actors seemed timid and were not engaging, these actors needed to be more persistent and follow through with their scares.

~ We could also pick out a few actors that had almost no makeup and minimal costume

Notes: As you enter the property and journey to the entrance of the haunt there is plenty to see and the scene is already set! A quick evening storm left the air misty as we crept down the trail of twisted trees towards the entrance. Waiting for us was one of our favorite actors every year! A rather demented soul mills about the queue line as if hes just wandering his quarantined facility. From there you know you're in for a show.

      Moments after you enter the haunt you begin the descent 1200 feet below ground which truly feels like you are being taken to a whole new world! Dropped in the mine, confused patron then scamper through caves twisting and turning, climbing and crawling deeper towards the center of the earth. This haunt sure is physically demanding! Zig-zagging through a maze tormented by clowns and saw yielding psychos one feels as they will never get out!  Actors throughout the haunt had their characters perfected, from an elaborate bar scene with 5+ actors to absolute gut wrenching screams from the twisted tree maze. The twisted trees are one of our top 3 favorite scenes of all time in Colorado! Orangutan type ghouls fling themselves between the trees giving subtle hints that something is wrong to absolute ear piercing skreetching! I have no idea how this actor still has a voice!

      A tour guide by the name of "Ranger Girf Johnson" checks up on you multiple times along your journey and has material for absolutely every situation if you aren't already having a good time Mr. Johnson will turn that around and send you for a whirlwind!

      Overall the mines have incredible set design and ambiance that would make anyone want to jump right down the shaft and be tormented by actors who we are convinced might be a bit off themselves.

First Impression
Scare Factor