Mile High Haunts

First Impression
Scare Factor   17
SPFX/ Scenes  18
Length  20
Actors  17
Overall  92%


~ Awesome elevator but we wish they still had more like they used to!

~ Breathtaking forest scene weaving trees and sticks this is our favorite forest! 

~ Great line actors

~ group spacing was very tight, other groups constantly bumping together  

~ Some actors were very unenergetic while their makeup could also use a little work

~ We noticed some scenes looked unfinished with missing details and non-working effects


     Talk about perfect setting. Just driving in is creepy as you make your way through ancient trees and fog lying low in the valley chills are sure to fill your spine as ambient light and the screams of victims meet you.

       This year The Mines have coined the phrase "we're all mad here" and boy is it true! A creepy fairy tale theme is really working in their favor from the Mad Hatter to Pinnoccio who of course cannot tell a lie and The Beauty begging you to save her and run before the beast can get to everyone, fitting with the theme perfectly.

       This is an extremely physically demanding haunt, some area are thought to be too tight for anyone to get through! but guess where the Colorado Springs Fire Department trains? Here! that's right, with full gear firefighters have managed to get through every inch of this Labyrinth and so can you!

       Back on your feet and through more detailed realistic caverns playing true to their mining roots. Every square inch of these mines are filled with texture and props even feeling a bit musky to capture as many senses as they could!

     Haunted Mines is a Non-profit and they literally scare because they care! So get to The Mines and get scared while you help the community!

 Haunted Mines