Mile High Haunts

Haunted Mines

First Impression
Scare Factor

Pros: Physically demanding, Very Interactive and Personalized, aMAZEing fun!

Cons:A few better makeups and this haunt is a perfect 100!!!

Notes: Might as well start off with WOW! Just WOW! This haunt is incredible! From your hands and knees for an extended period of time, to scaling rock walls this haunt is in your face aMAZEing fun! The Mines have so much to offer with the creepiest most intense and I mean CRAZY elevators that are nearly untouchable in our eyes! Absolutely pitch black elevator ride and just when you think you're done...You'll be cooped up in there for what feels like an eternity! An amazing balance between suspense and startle had some, rather mature, patrons crying for their mom! The unique, personalized, interactive scares provided quite the show! Oh the line is a little long? Don't worry there are plenty of psycho characters to keep you entertained and try to nibble on the little ones, maybe even a saw wielding maniac will make his way through the queue line. Intricate, detailed mazes with monsters lurking about gave just the extra bit to make this a favorite of the year and a MUST see in so many ways!