Mile High Haunts


~ Awesome makeup

~ Actors were top notch!

~ Excellent foreshadowing

~ Realistic animatronics


~ Carpet floors don't belong in a garage, bathroom or cemetery... We are all about capturing senses from 365* and would love to feel some realistic texture below our feet!


Even just driving past this place you'll know right away you are in for a treat! Clowns dance on the roof of the building and foreshadow unexpected terrors while "Doug the Digger" makes his rounds on his property either by pogo shovel or his coffin kart he is sure to stop you dead in your tracks and could entertain anyone for hours!

      Seconds after stepping into the haunt we were completely bombarded! Every room in this haunt has so much to take in the detail is incredible! A reception desk felt so warm and welcoming yet extremely creepy without much gore or terror it sets the scene for whats to come. Jumping from room to room the hallways offered an incredible amount of foreshadowing you truly didn't want to have to walk past some of these actors they were that creepy! One patient in particular didn't have much to say, but didn't need to, his crippled body moved perfectly and just the look on his face could make one feel very uneasy. We always love the different levels of this haunt it offers a perfect theme transfer. Actors in the entire haunt earned their worth for sure! They could perfectly react and mold their scare for different audiences and different placements of terrified guests. The actors managed to get multiple shoulder raising startles out of all of our critics! This haunt always reminds us that even the most desensitized patrons can still get startled! We love that every experience here is different and actors are so able to adapt and improv lines in any situation.

      With that also there were plenty of gruesome changes from last year and it felt like a totally different haunt! Before you can exit the haunt you of course have to be terrorized by all our favorite clown friends attacking from all angels. If you can make it out of their maze they will still have a few more treats for you! I guarantee it!


First Impression
Scare Factor
SPFX/Scenes 18