Mile High Haunts


~ Awesome interactive 3D experience

~ Actors have great improv and WILL play back. We always say if you cant scare us then entertain us! They did just that!

~ Very detailed nicely lit scenes

~ The tightest "claustrophobic chamber" we've ever felt!


~ "leak" over top of walls blends rooms together and creates what we call a supermarket feel. Meaning you can see the ceiling and hear people talking an aisle over.

~ Blank strip mall storefront with minimal lighting and signage out front. 


     Some of you may recognize this haunt as being the old Ghouls Gulch. Well it has been completely revamped to the point where you hardly recognize it as anything but the all new Sinister! Each scene is expertly crafted to a level of detail that is unreal and freshly lit up so you can see even the slightest of detail! With that detail and some kick ass animatronics (including some man eating vegetation) you are sure to lose your mind here. Mix in some killer actors and you have one Sinister show!

     From your first step into the haunt you are being messed with, that is if you can get past the queue line critters.  The deeper into the guts you go the more yours begin to turn. Battling turn tables and a questionable elevator may leave you a little queasy. Between a mad doctor and a prison guard with a bad humor problem, you'll be lucky to make it out...Not to mention the 3D area. One of the more creative ways we've encountered to send your equilibrium a float. It's truly a stumble through the end of this nightmare.

     The actors in this show have some seriously awesome improv skills,  ready to take on even the smartest of asses. Looking past a few store bought, elastic backed, masks the makeups and costuming were eerily beautiful.

First Impression
Scare Factor  18
Length  20
SPFX/ Scenes
Actors  19
Overall  92%

Sinister 2017