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Scare Factor
SPFX/ Scenes

Terror In The Corn  2017


~ So much to do here!

~ Incredible new one of a kind highly detailed sets

~ Wagon rides from hell


~ Actor scare timing was noticeably off multiple times


  Terror In The Corn is located about 30 miles North of Denver but seriously don't let that deter you it is well worth the drive! We are going to outright call this Colorado's #1Halloween/Fall Destination this year! Though other Haunts have scored a tiny bit higher nobody else has as many crazy awesome things to do as Anderson Farms! Everything from campfire pits available for rent, room escapes, zombie paintball, to a pumpkin patch. You could spend all day and night here and still not do everything!

     After a short wild wagon ride to the middle of the corn, the scene is set for what looks to be quite the experience. The first scene here is one of a kind you will not see anything else like it. We wont ruin the surprise but its fricken awesome! Thrown back into the corn you'll hop from shack to shack getting a glimpse of life as a corn dweller. No shortage of enraged farmers and domestic disputes here. There's even a giant fire breathing combine!

    If you make it through the corn you'll be met with a very detailed facade of the notorious Wells Hotel. The folks here were impressive! Very well developed characters with perfect make-up crawling out of every crevice in there leaving guests feeling very uneasy! Out and through the ghost town the labyriths throughout the town will disorient anyone or anything brave enough to dare enter.

     There's an awesome method to the madness here if you want to shoot zombies first or try your luck at one of the room escapes a clever scheduled ticket time will make your wait much more enjoyable here yet still build that much needed anticipation. This is one awesome setup you just have to experience yourself!