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Scare Factor
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The Frightmare Compound


Mile High Haunts


~ Perfect scenes outside, mining shafts, shit shacks, and vintage equipment sunk into the ground

~ Grandfathered out of ADA compliancy some areas are very tight and its awesome!


~ Unenthusiastic actors, lots of "rawrs" and "GRRRRs"

~ no scare delivery by actors or attempts to get under your skin

This compound is not only an awesome attraction to visit but it's a piece of history here. Nestled into an old farm the Frightmare Compound is set in a perfect place for the show they produce. You're still in the city relativly but you're on the outskirts of town, no street lights, no real ambient city noise or hustle around, it's creepy just to get there. When you arrive you're met with an intimidating sight that is the Compound. After you buy your ticket you walk down the line and can buy cool swag if you feel so inclined at a trailer off to the side. You may want to as this is the last piece of civilization you'll see until you make it through. Entering into the front you are entombed by stone walls, a real cave feeling. You're ushered into the front, they snap a photograph of you to show your families if you become a part of the show, and you're off and running.

       Starting off you enter into what seems like a dungeon, you are haggled by the gate keeper for awhile he let's you descend into the guts of his home. Down in the caves you begin to wind your way through some hallways, out into the night. These guys' scenes are incredible, you might be outside but you couldn't imagine more of a different place from where you just were. Playing perfectly into the theme, you're making your way past historic relics of not only farm equipment but mining equipment as well. The monsters in this haunt are not afraid to get up close and loud with you. You better stay close to your group, these guys would love to add your body parts to their collection.

       Eventually you'll find yourself at an old rickety barn, hope you're not afraid of tight places. Squeezing your way up and down and through this barn is a real chore by itself, and then you have the dwellers in there making you even more uncomfortable. Once you make it out you will lower down some steps onto the second attraction for the night. 
       Onto The House of Darkness, but first you have to get by the hamster wheel; Then you're greeted by a clown that's larger than life. By the way, if you don't like clowns you'll feel right at home here. A take on a circus tent gone wrong couldn't be more right. Disorienting doesn't even begin to describe this place. The air so thick with fog it's hard to breath, much less see the person in front of you. Not to mention strobe lights in your face only to be shown up by pitch black maze rooms. Clowns making you second guess every step you take and a noise level so loud you can't make sense of anything. If you can struggle your way through the terrors in the tent you get to crawl your way back to sanity. This haunt is a lot of fun for all ages brave enough, and definitely worth a look if you want to see one of Colorado's oldest haunted attractions.