The Frightmare Compound


Mile High Haunts

First Impression
Scare Factor
SPFX/ Scenes


~ Top notch actors in House Of Darkness

~Awesome natural ambiance.


~ Chainsaw operator was not convincing, convince us that thing is real!

~ The beginning of the haunt had actors spread too thin and was begging for more creative scares!


We could here screams pouring out of the Frightmare compound before we even left our car, How about that for a first impression as you pull up to an old decrepit farm house!  As we anxiously waited to enter the haunt I couldn't help but engage in a staring contest with the doorman through a small split in the door, and of course... he won.

      Now the question is, slide or stairs? You bet we took the slide! The scenes nearly set themselves as you wind through ramshackle lean-tos and shafts with awesome sounds of water dripping and flies buzzing about. From water wheels slowly turning, to an eerie mist saturating the air around your feet,  to tons of  real vegetation twisting toward you not much is needed to convince patrons that its all real and you just might be in a real live horror movie!! You might begin to notice that some spider webs in the very corner of a shack might not be so fake, or the orange cat we noticed lurking in the distance might be an old spirit walking the grounds. Actor timing throughout the haunt was spot on! Always a favorite for a convincing ghillie suits or a robed demon that you know is real, but wont move until you let down your guard.

      As you journey through the House Of Darkness every actor will taunt you beyond belief! Actors 1/3rd our size could cause terror 10x their height with clever lines and a comeback for any witty back-talker. Though the pranksters who call this place home might guide you through they will also have their share of fun with even sharpest of guests, these jesters have played a few games of hide and seek in their day, though they likely wont make the most subtle re-entry.