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World's Scariest Haunted House: Night Terrors


~ We love the 60* floor plan!

~ Creative, yet old school scares

~Actors tried to earn their worth


~ Needed more actors

~ Short, No side show or line actor

~Lots of blank space


Sit back and have fun in this haunt! No other haunt in Colorado will take you back to old school in your face scares like this place will!  The theme "Night Terrors" worked perfectly and was carried out throughout the haunt. A slightly off kilter floor plan will keep you on edge throughout this maze. Rooms throughout were familiar yet captured a scare in a more creative way than most high budget haunts can these days. Blank space lurked around every corner but that is what these haunts are all about, back to the basics of "guess which one is real" the anticipation will surely kill you...if the actor doesn't first! A few simple props were hilariously entertaining. 

      Actors were few and far between but the ones who were present made it known and executed their roles very well. Though there are no high dollar animatronics or detailed scenes these guys made the best of what they had and pulled off a great show!