Mile High Haunts

2015 Reviews

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What We Are Looking For:
(Each category can gain 20 points to produce a total possible score of 100 points!)
First Impression:Are there signs and scenes outside? Do we know exactly where we are and where to go when we arrive? Do we hear sounds and screams? Are there line actors/ Entertainment?
Scare Factor:As critics, we always go inside the haunt with other groups to see their reaction, we take this highly into account when determining our scare factor. Were there plenty of different kinds of scares not just startles? Were the patrons on the ground screaming for their life? Was anyone scared to take another step? Or go into a new room?
Length:Did we feel like we got our moneys worth? Was it too long and dragging on? Were there side shows and entertainment beyond the haunt?
Special Effects/ Scenes: Did the scenes include special effects and cool things that if they didn't scare us could definitely entertain us? Did the effects look realistic? Did the rooms have attention to detail? Were all 5 senses captured?
Actors:Did actors stay in character no matter what? Did they have nice detailed makeups? Were actors costumes' coordinated? Did they say much more than "BOO" or "ARHHH"? Did they have creepy different movements for their character? Were actors engaging with customers? Was the acting consistent throughout the haunt?